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artisan: Carol Cerâmica - slow ceramic artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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design: Ceramic catchall dish that can be used as a very pretty vessel for your jewelry on your dresser top or used as decoration. 


description: Our ceramic pieces are created and handmade by Carol in her small atelier in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. A ceramist of affections, Carol is a master in translating delicacy, femininity and poetry from clay into objects.

Her testimony about this piece: " I love making these shells because they remind me of and old song we used to sing as a child in Brazil where someone looses their ring in the ocean so the ocean gives back a shell as a gift :)

Also I create it freely - experimenting different glazes and patterns as I go on each of them with the intention to recreate the diversity there is in nature where nothing is exactly the same but coexists in harmony .

As everything I make, I don’t like to give titles of “proper usage” or “correct meaning” of a piece because I believe that it’s an intimate conversation between the item and it’s owner’s heart to choose and understand how it will exist in their world and what it means to them."


As it is a handmade product, the shape or size may vary and the color might be slightly different. We believe that this is what gives each item its charm and unique quality. Hope you love it!

material: Ceramic


approximate dimensions: Diameter 7cm (3in)


care: Avoid interaction with harsh chemicals found in cleaning products. Scratches and user marks may occur, this is normal when wearing it for a longer time on a daily basis. Also it’s completely natural for changes in color or spots occur over time. 


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