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artisan: Women from small artisan villages in the state of Pará, Brazilian Amazon

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design: handmade gourd dyed with natural pigments and decorated with incised lines. Perfect for your breakfast bowl, tableware or home decoration!


description: This item was handmade by women living in riverside communities in Pará, Brazilian Amazon. Fair trade and ethically sourced, Cuias are gourds dyed with natural pigments and decorated with incised lines, following an ancestral technique.

The features that decorate the gourds are unique and end up being like a signature of each artisan. Present in the daily lives of many indigenous communities, Cuias are produced with the fruits of the Cuieira, a tree very present in the Brazilian Amazon.

This activity represents an important asset to these communities and the preservation of their traditions and knowledge. It is likely that the making of dyed gourds is one of the oldest artisan traditions present in the lower course of the Amazon River. The production of Cuias received the title of Brazilian Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2015. 


material: natural gourd from the Brazilian Amazon, dyed with natural ingredients.


approximate dimensions: Diameter 13cm (5in) / Height 7cm (3in)


care: wash gently with natural soap and dry completely before storage


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