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artisan: Kayapó indigenous tribe

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design: Porcelain beaded earrings made by indigenous women from the Kayapó Ethnicity in the Brazilian Amazon.

description: These earrings are made with porcelain beads by Mebengokre-Kayapó women from an indigenous protected land in the Brazilian Amazon. They are brought to Casa Luya via Lays Uchoa, environmental activist from the Forest Association.  The making of objects and adornments are a pleasurable activity that has been part of their daily family life since ancestral times, a knowledge passed on through generations. The precision of geometric designs and colors represent animals and nature elements. Beaded accessories strengthen indigenous identity and mark their resistance facing many threats throughout the centuries.

By supporting this art you are helping:

Provide stable and diverse income source, securing hundreds of families financial autonomy in a sustainable way;
Reduce their vulnerability and exposure to illegal predatory activities that threaten their existence as a people;
Conserve 2 million acres of amazon forest in Kayapo territory;
Support fair trade practices, the appreciation of ancestral culture, beauty and originality;
Support the care of the environment by indigenous community that serve humanity and our planet in great ways;
Keep tradition alive for the women who keep the forest standing in the biggest contiguous forest block in the oriental Amazon.

material: Porcelain beads


approximate dimensions: Length 20,5cm (8in) x Width 4,5cm (1,7in)


care: Avoid interaction with harsh chemicals found in cleaning products. Handle it carefully.


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