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artisan: Women from small artisan villages in the state of Pará, Brazilian Amazon

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*This item's colors are assorted.

design: round hand woven straw mini dish, can be used as jewelry holder or as home decoration.


description: This item was handmade by women living in riverside communities in Pará, Brazilian Amazon. Fair trade and ethically sourced, it is made with straw from the Tucumã Palm Tree that are harvested, dried, dyed with natural pigments like Urucum and Turmeric and then woven for several days to achieve its final shape. Each item can take up to one week to be made.

This type of weaving is an ancient handcrafting technique at these communities, having been used and passed on for many generations. It is both a tool to create objects for their daily use and crafts to generate income and support local livelihood and manufacturing.

As it is a natural craft product, the shape or size may vary and the color might be slightly different due to climatic condition. We believe that this is what gives each item its charm and unique quality. Hope you love it!



material: hand woven from tucumã pam tree straw, hand dyed with natural pigments, 100% natural


approximate dimensions: Diameter 7cm (3in) / Width 5cm (2in) 


care: spot wipe with care using a a damp cloth, dry completely before storage and store in a dry area


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