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Find Beauty Print Series - Briza Maxima

artisan: CASA LUYA

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Inspired by the native plants of our home town we created the Find Beauty Print Series.

Having always been in awe with the wild flowers of Ericeira we created this series to honor our surroundings, nature’s rhythm and it’s symbolic meanings.

A collab between @laribnv and Casa Luya, printed in high quality paper and ink, each print is hand-signed, numbered in a limited edition and comes with the name and meanings of the flowers: Briza Maxima and Glebionis Coronária.


Briza Máxima

Native of Portugal, Briza Máxima is a grass that grows to a height of 60cm and its floer can reach 5cm long.

Locals believe it to be a symbol for Intuition, Protection and Resilience.