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Hi there! I’m Clara, founder of Casa Luya. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, though I’ve been a citizen of the world for the last decade, searching for different cultures and ancestral values to nurture my inner quest for self-knowledge, a sense of belonging, and to help me create a beautiful, organic and more connected perspective on life.

Having majored in design and worked in the fashion industry for a long time, I have always seen traditional artisanal techniques as a direct reflection of the cultural and social context of its surroundings. Handcrafts have the magical power of enchanting us with their beauty and storytelling quality. Connecting with this art has been my passion ever since I can remember.

This fast-evolving world, with its emergent need for care and conscious attention to our every action, has inspired me to create Casa Luya, a curation shop that brings to you authentic fashion, accessories and décor, handpicked based on their ability to evoke a sense of lovingness and a mindful way of living and consuming. By sharing stories of the artisans I’ve encountered, of how each product is made and the meaning behind them, I hope to inspire you all to connect with the beauty, magic and poetry that surround us in our daily lives!


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