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brazilian amazon


a riverside community in the heart of the brazilian amazon


Weavers of the Arapiuns River are incredibly talented, strong women who practice traditions that have been passed down through generations. Forced to work at mono-culture plantations for many years they had hard living conditions and low wages and their craftsmanship was left aside as it was not a reliable source of income. Slowly, with the help of our cooperatives partner, they were able to turn traditional weaving into a way of supporting their families and raising their standard of living. Since then, they have regained a strong sense of heritage and devotion to their culture. Called "ribeirinhos" they work under the shade of big trees in their backyards close to their neighbors so they can chat about community and care for their daily duties. Casa Luya carefully selected home goods and accessories handwoven with the straw of the Tucumã Palm Tree, a native and abundant tree of the region, that is harvested sustainably, dried and dyed with natural ingredients using ancestral knowledge.

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