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INNER SELF series - Plaque 01. initiation - the potency of Self conception

artisan: Carol Cerâmica, slow ceramic artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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design: High temperature yoni shaped ceramic. Handbuilt white clay layered with white glaze. Cotton thread. Sisal Thread. Pearls.



A spiral thread lies in the center of this yoni shaped piece of art. An emblem of cosmological significance, the symbol represents the sacred female principle in all life forms. A life force itself, it has acquired repressed and censured traits over the last centuries - making it even more powerful. 

Inside this shield of ancestral power of creation, the path is punctuated by pearls, evoking a sense of patience, delicacy, and value. It takes time for the creation of oneself to take place, the inner journey. The spiral turns and grows while the journey follows its white thread, secured by a red line that gives structure and vital energy for the path itself to exist. 

By looking at this piece, the viewer can feel motivated to enter an initiation, the one of creating oneself, valuing it like the biggest work of art of all. The loose thread that finalizes the movement suggests that what follows next in the external world is a reflection and consequence of our self creation. 

This piece is part of a series:

INNER SELF  ~  things we go through X life as a journey
A collaboration between ceramic artist Carol from @carol.ceramica and artisan Clara from @casaluya. 

They say the deepest you go underwater, the more a feeling of peace and being at home emerges. But to get there you first need to travel through moments of despair, fear of the unknown and the urgent need to rise to the surface and get some air. 
Our inner journey follows a similar path, feelings and emotions are invisible, but pulse strongly in the darkness of our beings. A whole universe is moving and living a life of its own inside each one of us at all times, most specially during big life changes.

In an attempt to bring to matter that which we cannot see, touch or explain, we have turned to concepts and universal symbols used since ancestral times. The spiral is the journey of self development, turning in circles while ascending to higher levels. The labyrinth is the consciousness expanding, drawing energy from the source to take yet another turn. The yoni is the source of all power and creation, the sanctuary embraces it all as sacred. 

Evoking emotions, senses and insights, these pieces set our intention of understanding with our minds that which our hearts have known all along. An attempt of making inner processes tangible, these creations are our deep dive into the waters of life. 


approximate dimensions: Length 13cm / Height 22,5cm


care: Avoid interaction with harsh chemicals found in cleaning products. Scratches and user marks may occur. Also it’s completely natural for changes in color or spots occur over time. 


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