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a big family by the rice fields of east-side Bali


Artisans featured in the Indonesian Collection belong to the east side of the Island of Bali. Many hours apart from the well known tourist areas, they live a secluded, traditional way of life in this remote part of the island. These talented artisans weave the original Ata Bag made with ata grass that grows abundantly in the area and is extremely durable and resistant. Casa Luya has chosen one family to work with, with the intention of providing a constant flow of orders that will be able to provide stable income and improve their standard of living. Balinese are the most loving people we have ever had the pleasure to work with, amid intense poverty they always show kindness and generosity that can be seen in the beauty of everything they create. Their sense of spirituality is immersed in everything they do, craftsmanship and other daily activities become true rituals.

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